Damo Momo: Earth Friendly, Organic, and Über Soft

Damo Momo designs bright and cheerful shirts and dresses that are handcrafted with eco-friendly fabrics and dyes for babies, children and women. Our products are made with bamboo blends and organic cottons. With bamboo fabric's unparalleled advantages of being hypoallergenic, odor resistant and antibacterial, that is both moisture absorbent, insulating, and UV protectant, Damo Momo's clothes are unique and extremely comfortable for the wearer. You will keep comfortably warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer. This fabric has an amazingly soft and silky feel that actually gets softer with each wash and because bamboo grows faster than cotton and thrives naturally without pesticides it is a renewable source.

Although our items work beautifully as maternity and post maternity/nursing wear for you and the new life within you, Damo Momo's luxuriously soft clothes are beautiful on any person of any size.